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- Offshore companies. I will advise on, and assist with formation and management of, companies in all jurisdictions. Specialist advice is always worth taking, rather than just going to one of the many agencies which form companies and which may not suggest the best company for the case in hand.

Those jurisdictions which have adopted English law often have such things as unlimited companies (with or without a share capital), companies limited by guarantee (without without a share capital) as well as the normal company limited by shares.

- Offshore trusts. The common law, or English, trust is a particularly flexible and useful vehicle for tax planning and asset protection. There are few things which cannot be achieved with a trust. Certain restrictions of English law, such as the rules against perpetuities (restricting the life of a trust) and against non-charitable purpose trusts have been removed by statute in various jurisdictions. Use of a common law trust may well be better than a civil law one, even if the trustees are in a civil law country, as there is a vast body of case law established over many centuries setting out what a trust is, what it, and the trustees, can and cannot do, the rights and obligations of trustees and many such matters which may be not be clearly established in civil law jurisdictions, which have adopted the trust by statute. The common law trust is a private document, that is to say, it is not found on a public registry
anywhere and is thus totally secret. It can fix the rights of a beneficiary, for
example, giving the absolute right to income to A for life and then the capital to
B on A's death or it can be discretionary, giving the trustees discretion as to how
to distribute the trust's income and capital. It can be partly one and partly the other.
Beneficiaries of a purely discretionary trust have in law no right to any part of the trust's assets: they merely have a right to be considered by the trustees in the exercise of the trustees' discretion. This can be useful in many areas of taxation: for example, until 1969, discretionary beneficiaries did not fall within the Estate Duty charge.

- Second hand trusts. There may be several reasons why someone does not wish to be a settlor (the person who forms the trust or, in some cases, someone who funds the trust, even if formed by someone else). A second hand trust may solve many of these problems.

- Offshore bank accounts. Specialist advice on where to open a bank account is invaluable to prevent problems in relation to day to day difficulties, disclosure of information, etc.

- Virtual Office and telecommunications advice. I have a good working knowledge of virtual office and telecommunications services. Such services are often invaluable in giving an offshore structure a real presence.

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