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Advising on HMRC Tax Enquiries and Defending Prosecutions:

As a tax lawyer of 40 years experience,who has personal experience of being prosecuted by the tax authorities, I am unusually well placed to advise and help.

As I only undertake work physically from outside the United Kingdom, the UK money laundering legislation does not apply to me. Often those at odds with the tax authorities are rightly reluctant to seek advice within the UK. Under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002, your own advisers may be required to become government spies and report any suspected irregularities, even of you, their own client, to the authorities. Worse still they will not be allowed to tell you that they have acted as government informers. Misplaced confidence in UK advisers may be feeding information directly to the enemy. Information given to me in confidence remains in confidence.

I may also be able to help, if a conviction would result in a confiscation order, as advance planning may help protect assets from attack and family devastation.

You also save money. as my rates are typically lower than those of UK advisers and I do not fall within the UK's VAT regime.

I will happily work with other professionals if required in any particular case.

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